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Off-Axis Laser Cutting

We can perform both on-axis and off-axis cuts, but most companies providing laser cutting services can only perform on-axis cuts.  So what is off-axis cutting?  Basically, it means the laser can be angled relative to the part that it is cutting.

Picture a feature like a hole or a slot being cut into a piece of tubing.  With traditional on-axis cutting the path of the laser will always be aligned with the center axis of the tube.  With off-axis cutting the path of the laser can be oriented in any alignment required.

Cut Comparison.PNG

On-Axis Cut

Off-Axis Cut

Benefits of off-axis laser cuts

  • Control of what material is removed.

    • Less material can be removed, resulting in stronger parts.

    • More material can be removed for clearance.

  • The cut feature can have parallel walls. 

    • Helpful if feature is used for alignment or if a mating part fits into the feature.

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