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  • Stainless Steel Sheet

  • Stainless Steel Hypotube

  • Nitinol Sheet

  • Nitinol Hypotube

  • MP35N Sheet

  • Other Materials Upon Request​

     We keep a large supply of stainless steel and Nitinol on hand for quick delivery of finished       parts to our customers.  If you require another material we can usually source it

     for you.  Feel free to contact us and share your specific design requirements.

Sizes Available

  • Tubing: .015" to 1.0" O.D.

  • Flat Designs

    • .0004" to .060" Thick

    • Sizes up to 7.9" x 18.0"



  • <0.0005" Possible

  • Kerf width as narrow as 0.0005"



  • All parts and materials are inspected and assigned unique lot numbers for full traceability

  • Raw material certifications available upon request


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